What is the best dust catcher?

September 25, 2023
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Whether you’re drilling holes through concrete block walls or installing new electrical receptacles, keeping your job site free of dust is always a challenge. Luckily, many new products have emerged for both the professional contractor and DIY homeowner that simplifies project clean up.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the more popular dust collectors and catches on the market and list out some pros and cons of each.

What is a dust catcher or dust collector?

A dust catcher or dust collector is a product that aids in collecting dust particles before they hit the floor or other surfaces. Dust catchers and collectors are perfect for contractors, electricians, and even DIY homeowners looking to keep projects and jobs clean while also minimizing the amount of time it takes to clean up a project when completed.

When should I use a dust catcher or dust collector?

Like any other tool, you should always have the right geat for the job and a dust catcher or dust collector is no exception. If you feel like your job may product some dust, debris, or small particles you should pack a dust catcher or dust collector.

Here are some sample scenarios where dust catchers and dust collectors work best:

  • Drilling through any type of material including drywall, plaster, concrete, brick, wood, stucco, etc
    • Mounting a flat-screen TV
    • Hanging wall and lighting fixtures
  • Sanding or planning surfaces
  • Installing electrical receptacles

The Milwaukee AIR-TIP Dust Collector

Milwaukee AIR TIP dust collector

About the Milwaukee AIR-TIP Dust Collector

The AIR-TIP from Milwaukee is a dust collector or dust catcher that helps keep project and job sites clean. Simply attach the AIR-TIP to nearly any type of wet/dry shop vacuum and you’re all set. The Milwaukee AIR-TIP uses the suction power of the vacuum to adhere itself to the surface while falling debris is caught in its envelope-styled design.

Pros of the Milwaukee AIR-TIP Dust Collector

  • Connects to nearly any type of shop vacuum to help create a seamless cleaning process
  • The power of the vacuum suction allows for hands free operation

Cons of the Milwaukee AIR-TIP Dust Collector

  • Might be a bit pricey for a single job at a $50 MSRP
  • Requires electrical (due to shop vacuum) to function properly, which may not always be easily accessible
  • Larger debris may not make its way through the opening to the shop vacuum connection
  • May have trouble sticking to certain uneven surfaces
  • Due to the size and rigidness of a shop vacuum hose, positioning, especially closer to the ground may not be possible

DeWALT Power Drill Large Hammer Dust Extraction Kit

Contractor drilling through a concrete block wall using the DeWALT power drill dust extraction kit

About the DeWALT Power Drill Large Hammer Dust Extraction Kit

Contractors looking to keep job sits and projects clean can take a look at the DeWALT power drill large hammer dust extraction kit. By attaching the dust extractor to a compatible shop vacuum, you can easily keep heavier-duty drilling tasks relatively clean with ease.

Pros of the DeWALT Power Drill Large Hammer Dust Extraction Kit

  • Great for heavy-duty application
  • Suctions to both walls and floors

Cons of the DeWALT Power Drill Large Hammer Dust Extraction Kit

  • Not designed for your average DIY homeowner or even small contactor
  • Price may exceed $200 at some retailers
  • Primarily designed for large hammer drills, not as much verstaility

The Catchko Dust Diaper

About the Catchko Dust Diaper

A seemingly simple product that packs amazing verstaility into a small price point, the Dust Diaper by Catchko is a dust catcher and dust collector perfect for both professional contractors, electricians, and the DIY home owner. Simply stick the Dust Diaper to any surface using your favorite kind of tape (we suggest XtraTape) and you’ll create a incredible trap for any and all types of falling dust and debris.

Pros of the Catchko Dust Diaper

  • Affordable price point at $14.99 MSRP
  • No power or shop vacuum required – simply tape it to any surface
  • A tapered design and flat surface allows it to sit on the ground and cover most baseboards – perfect for electrial box installations
  • 17″ wide design is perfect for placement between wall studs
  • Lightweight and flexible design is perfect for bending into corners and around moulding
  • Can be used as a dustpan, tools & parts holder, and much more

Cons of the Catchko Dust Diaper

  • No vacuum attachment

In conclusion, there are many dust catchers and dust collectors designed to keep your jobs and work sites clean. Choosing the best one depends on your needs and type of work you are doing.