YellaTape - Heavy-Duty, Industrial Tape
Two XtraTape™ rolls, stacked and angled

XtraTape™ - The industrial, heavy-duty tape that's better than duct tape!

Featuring a pressure-applied adhesive, XtraTape™ is the perfect alternative to everyday duct tape or other tough-guy tapes on shelves.

  • Up to 3x longer than standard duct tape rolls
  • Nearly 2x wider for better coverage
Two rolls of YellaTape industrial grade tape stacked
An isolated strip of XtraTape™

Why Is XtraTape™ Better Than Duct Tape?

XtraTape™ is tape made for professionals. Strong, long, wide - XtraTape™ does more and holds more than a standard roll of duct tape.

Combine a roll of XtraTape™ with the Dust Diaper™ for the ultimate job site and project cleanup companion.

Comapring the length of XtraTape™ to a standard role of duct tape

60 Yards - That's 3x More!

It's Longer Than Duct Tape

Running out of supplies is one of the worst things that can happen while you're working on a job or home improvement project.

XtraTape™ is nearly 3x longer than a standard roll of duct tape - meaning you'll be able to use more and not have to worry about running back to your truck or hardware store to grab more.

Get more done - and have some left over for the next job with XtraTape™.

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Comparing the width of YellaTape™ to a duct tape

It Has a Wider Coverage Area

With a standard roll of duct tape, you might have to be creative in how you wrap or apply your tape to surfaces.

XtraTape™ lets you cover more ground with nearly double the width when compared to a standard roll of industrial or duct tape.

Combined with a special pressure-applied adhesive, you should find XtraTape™ lets you use less while also covering more surface area.

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YellaTape™ sticks to brick, concrete, wood, stone, cardboard, and more!

Sticks to Nearly* Any Type of Surface

With a special, pressure-applied adhesive, you'll find that XtraTape™ sticks to nearly every type of surface allowing you to be more versatile and agile in your projects.

XtraTape™ is perfect for:

  • Brick, stucco, and other coarse materials
  • Wood
  • Concrete and holding concrete forms
  • Sealing cardboard boxes
  • Creating a watertight seal
  • Sealing underground electrical conduits

The possibilities are limitless!

How are you going to use XtraTape™ in your next project? Buy a roll today and find out!

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