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Dust Diaper from Catchko Products, LLC

Dust Diaper™ - Job Site and DIY Project Cleaning Made Easy

The Dust Diaper™ catches dust, dirt, and other debris so you don't have to! Save time and energy and let the Dust Diaper™ do all of the cleanup for you!
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Two rolls of YellaTape industrial grade tape stacked
An isolated strip of XtraTape™

What Is the Dust Diaper™?

The Dust Diaper™ is a revolutionary, patent-pending device from Catchko™.

Simple in design with unlimited possibilities - the Dust Diaper™ makes cleaning up after any job a breeze, saving you time, energy, and money.

Pair the Dust Diaper™ with a roll of industrial-grade XtraTape™ for the ultimate combination of strength and versatility.

How To Use The Dust Diaper™?

Job and Project Cleanup Made Easy

Simply place or tape the Dust Diaper™ under any job where you are drilling, cutting, sanding, or potentially creating a mess and the Dust Diaper™ will catch it all, so you don't have to clean it up!

The Dust Diaper™ is perfect for keeping dust, small particles, and allergens off the floor and out of the air

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A Must-Have For Any Job

Tired of lugging a heavy shop vac or broom from job to job? The Dust Diaper™ makes cleaning up nearly automated. Simply remove the Dust Diaper™ and dump the container contents into the trash - it's that simple!

The Dust Diaper™ is ideal for any type of job, including:

  • Installing electrical boxes and outlets
  • Sanding and wall repair
  • Mounting TVs and other devices
  • Drilling and cutting through wood, plaster, drywall, brick, and more
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YellaTape™ sticks to brick, concrete, wood, stone, cardboard, and more!

Lightweight and Portable - The Dust Diaper™ Can Go Everywhere

Weighing under 1 ounce, the Dust Diaper™ is the lightweight alternative to bulkier devices. Keep one in your truck, garage, on your workbench - wherever you do work the Dust Diaper™ will keep everything clean!

  • 17" width is perfect for placement between wall studs
  • Slim top line allows a flush setting to ensure no particles fall in between
  • Made of lightweight and flexible plastic, the Dust Diaper™ can contour to all types of materials and surfaces, even uneven ones
  • Flat bottom allows for freestanding placement
  • In a pinch? Lay the Dust Diaper™ on its back and it functions just like a dustpan
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How Do I Use The Dust Diaper™?

  1. Tape or mount the Dust Diaper to the surface you're working on
    Finished Wall? Use blue painter's tape
    Unfinished Wall? Try using XtrapTape™!
  2. Do your work - drilling, cutting, sanding? The Dust Diaper™ works for all types of jobs!
  3. Remove your tape or fastener, dump the Dust Diaper™ contents into the trash - that's it! Clean up made simple!